Dawn Land

Dawn Land

Set 10,000 years ago in what is now New England, Young Hunter’s coming-of-age quest weaves Native American legends and paleo-history in Bruchac’s unforgettable first novel here re-presented as a compelling graphic novel. A young man’s quest to defeat a band of cannibal Giants who have enchanted and enslaved a boy to serve as their “dog” leading them to settlements among the people.

Drawing on guardian spirits and a supernatural “long thrower”(bow) handed down from Ice-Age elders, Young Hunter confronts mortal danger and dark forces set on destroying his people. Bruchac’s insight into Native American mythology and history combined with his skill as a storyteller are presented in bold ink panels. His well researched, yet imaginative blend of folktale and fact, combined with fast moving plot and coming-of-age explorations that make it a great middle and high school graphic novel.

A great intro to Bruchac’s many fiction and Native American legend collections. Also well included in studies of paleo-history of the Americas.

Recommended by Craig Seasholes, Librarian, Washington USA

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