Dark Triumph: His Fair Assassin, Book 2

Dark Triumph:  His Fair Assassin, Book 2

Sybella, trained as an assassin, steels herself to survive each day at her father's castle.  She has only agreed to be sent to this place of betrayal and violence because she has been assured she will be the one to kill her father.  She eagerly waits to see the marque on his body that will give her the sign she may finish her business with this evil man who uses women to fulfill his lust and bear his sons.  

Her father, d'Albret, has a plan to force the duchesse into marriage.  He will rape her and have the marriage ceremony later.  But when the duchesse arrives with her guard in the castle yard, someone warns her off and she escapes into the forest leaving behind a blindingly furious d'Albret who trusts no one and kills readily when the mood strikes.

Sybella receives a note from the convent where she was trained as an assassin.  The note instructs her to discover the whereabouts of one of the Duchesse's warriors.  They believe he is being held prisoner in the castle. 

Now it will be up to Sybella to find this man.  It will be up to Sybella to manage the assignments her father flings at her.  Assignments that send her to become intimate with visiting nobles.  Sybella has to deal with the first man who ever kissed her and that man is her brother, Julian.  Can he be trusted?  How deeply is he involved with her father? Can she avoid his amorous attentions?

Sybella has a past that tore her apart.  Now she is here with a mission and she is determined to kill this man who may or may not be her father.  There is another version of her parentage... she may be the daughter of Death.

Romance. Intrigue. Adventure.  Horror.  Violence. This is an intense, dark story of a courageous young woman who holds out her last hope that life can indeed offer her love and a life of promise.

386 pages  Ages 14 and up  978-0547628387  (For mature readers:  incest, violence, sexuality)

Recommended by:  Barb 

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