A cereal box?  Really?   With a contest on the back?   First prize is a trip to astronaut camp and one of  the winners is about to be Maisie Danger Brown, home-schooled black-eyed Latina, the girl with only one arm.  No one would ever have predicted that the box of Blueberry Bonanza was going to lead Maisie to the feeling of an alien token from a world beyond ours burning its way up her arm with a sharpness that feels like a bomb exploding against her heart.  

Actually there are five tokens that have entered our world and five astronaut campers' lives have suddenly been jerked from the ordinary to superhuman with newly generated strengths ranging from intelligence to brute force.  Can I interest you in a bowl of Blueberry Bonanza? 

Maisie won brute force from her token.  Don't even think about pushing her around.  

A fireteam of the five campers with newfound superhuman abilities is now faced with the question of why them? What is expected of five kids with superpowers?  Where is the danger?  Where did these abilities come from?  The even more difficult question is who can they trust?

The answers may lie in G.T. Wilder, billionaire. The answers may lie with Bonnie Howell, billionaire, who built the Beanstalk, the world's only space elevator.  The answers may lie beyond our galaxy.   But to get to those answers Fireteam 36 is going to face danger, desperation and will test themselves beyond their wildest imaginations.

Ages 12 and up   9781599901688  390 pages

Recommended by:  Barb

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