Cyberia: Prime Evil

Cyberia: Prime Evil

What if your pet could talk? Zane can talk not only to his dog, but he can communicate with all kinds of animals. The third book of the Cyberia series grants Zane another chance to stop Dr. Gristle from committing acts of unheard-of animal cruelty. In order to keep Zane out of the way, Dr. Gristle sends him to work at a strange camp run by Bucky, Dr. Gristle’s brother. Although Zane can communicate with all animals, some of the animals on the ranch are less than excited to be on speaking terms with Zane. Pinkish Hugh, a pig that is sensitive about his weight and can sometimes be found eating bar soap, is one such animal. Zane quickly discovers there is something at the camp making Pinkish Hugh and the rest of the animals very cranky. What is making all the animals on the ranch so upset? Can Zane find out before the damage becomes permanent? Fans of Cyberia will again appreciate Lynch’s humorous tone, and new readers of the series should have little trouble catching on. 160 pages Ages 9-12

Recommended by Carrie Shaurette, Librarian.

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