Cut, Chop and Stop: A Book About Wedges

Cut, Chop and Stop: A Book About Wedges

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Capstone Publishing
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Science Curriculum

"Timber." A huge tree crashes to the forest floor. What could have been strong enough to cut down such a big tree? A wedge, that's what!" What is a wedge? What are some examples of wedges? How do we use wedges? Turns out a wedge can be the front end of a ship cutting its way through ice and a wedge can be a slice of yummy cake. The book ends with an experiment you can do yourself to see how a wedge works.  Also in this series,  PULL, LIFT AND LOWER,  ROLL, SLOPE AND SLIDE,  SCOOP, SEESAW AND RAISE,  TIRES, SPOKES AND SPROCKETS.

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