Curlee Girlee

Curlee Girlee

What is it that makes you so very special?  What is the thing about you that no one else one else in the whole world?  This little baby starts out with no hair at all.  That's pretty special.  When she turns three years old, her hair doesn't just sprouts!  She has a head full of curly, swirly hair.  In fact, when she pulls her hair and lets it go, her hair sproings back.  Is she happy?  No she is not.  This Curlee Girlee wants to have hair that grows "down her back like spaghetti."

Some people don't like their nose.  Some people don't like their hair.  Some people wish they were taller.  Other people wish they were smaller.  But what if every single person in the world was exactly the same size, the same color, with the same nose, the same hair..the same everything?  That wouldn't be a very wonderful world.

Every child deserves to read Curlee Girlee.  Every child deserves to know that other children have wished they could have straight hair or a smaller chin.  Every child needs to discover that magical moment when they can see themselves as beautifully them... just as Curlee Girlee learns to see herself.  Thank goodness we are different and special just the way we are.

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge,


Curlee Girlee's hair makes her mad!  She wants it to grow down her back like spaghetti, not sideways and all curly-whirly.  Curlee Girlee wants to look like everybody else- and she'll try anything to solve her problem. Then one day she discovers that her curly hair is perfect just the way it is.  Curlee Girlee doesn't need to look like everyone else to be beautiful.--from the publisher

32 pages          978-0996843812         Ages 4-8

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