Cryer's Cross

Cryer's Cross

“Everything changes when Tiffany Quinn disappears.” Kendall lives in a tiny

farming community in Montana. One spring a classmate disappears. The entire

community searches with no avail. Tiffany is simply gone. As summer turns to

fall, Kendall and her classmates attempt to return to normal. Tiffany’s absence

is obvious, since Kendall’s community is so small that the entire high school

attends a one room school house. In spite of her OCD (“counting, always

counting something”) Kendall feels like life is back on track with the beginning

of school until her best friend Nico acts strange and then he, too, disappears.

Kendall’s world is rocked. The community is unsettled, struggling to keep its

young people safe with curfews and partner polices. But no one knows how to

protect the teens because no one can find a clue about either Tiffany or Nico’s

disappearance. Then, Kendall begins to hear the whispers. Will they leader her

to Nico or something more sinister?

Cryer’s Cross is not your average mystery. There is more brewing here than

simply a “who done it?” Short, tight chapters are divided by clues from the “We,

When it is over, We breathe and ache like old oak, like peeling birch. One of

Our souls set free….Calling to Our next victim, Our next savior. We carve on

Our face: Touch Me. Save my soul.” Kendall struggles over the mysterious

loss of her best friend and her OCD in the face of events spinning beyond her

control. Cryer’s Cross becomes ever more creepy and spooky in the second

half. For all the clues and fingers pointed in frustration, the end remains entirely

unpredictable. For readers who enjoy being kept in the dark waiting for things

to bump and surprise, this is a great choice. Cryer’s Cross hooks readers and

won’t let go. Likely to appeal to a variety of interests and reader tastes. It also

remains free of the gratuitous language and sex that often work their way into YA


Recommended by Alison Cucchetti, Teacher Librarian


The town of Cryer’s Cross is shocked when teenager Tiffany Quinn goes missing at the end of the school year. Kendall, who suffers from OCD, is freaked out that something so inexplicable could happen in their tiny town of 212 people. When she goes back for her senior year with Nico, her best friend & boyfriend, she is trying to get a handle on her overactive brain. When Nico starts acting oddly and becomes the second teen to vanish into thin air, the town is in a panic and Kendall is left reeling with depression and her OCD. Then Kendall notices that the two missing students did share something in common – a desk to which she is drawn for some inexplicable reason. When she begins receiving graffiti messages on the desk from someone that she believes is Nico, will she find herself in danger as the next victim?

Recommended by Brandy S. Huffman, Librarian

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