A Crooked Kind of Perfect

A Crooked Kind of Perfect

Zoe has a dream: to be a concert pianist and play at Carnegie Hall. However, her father buys her an electronic organ instead of a piano, and the 11-year-old decides to make the best of the situation and take lessons. When her teacher sees Zoe has some talent, she encourages her to enter a competition. What happens next makes this first novel by a new writer a fantastic story and Zoe's ability to thrive in a less than perfect world is heartwarming and inspiring. 213 pages

Contributed by Barbara Karp


What if your dad gives you a gift that, well, you didn’t exactly have in mind? Zoe, 11 years old, more than anything wants to play the piano at Carnegie Hall. She has picked out the perfect baby grand piano in her mind.However, her father has a different idea and proudly gives her a Perfectone D-60 organ. Although disappointed, Zoe shows great flexibility in honoring her parents’ wishes to learn the organ and finds a new friend, Wheeler, along the way. In fact, she finds herself in an organ competition even as a beginner, not exactly the performance in Carnegie Hall she dreamed of. In this coming of age story, Zoe teaches us about making lemonade from life’s lemons through humor and a bit of satire. A down-to-earth story, with short chapters, it’s is filled with hope, determination, and a good feeling about finding your way between dreams and reality. 224 pages

Contributed by Rebecca Richardson, Teacher-Librarian



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