Crash (Visions, Book 1)

Crash (Visions, Book 1)

Does everyone see it?  When they look at the billboard along the road or turn on the television, do they see what Jules sees?  If they don't, then what is happening to her...why is she the only one?  

Each time sixteen-year-old Jules turns on the television or drives past the Jose Cuervo billboard she sees an explosion and nine body bags.  None of this makes any sense to a girl whose family life centers on their Italian restaurant, the rivalry with the competing pizza in town, and the tragedy of their grandfather who killed himself.

Jules family does hold some darkness.  Is she going crazy? Then, the video starts to become more clear and she can see the face of one of the victims and it's a face Jules has loved since elementary school.

Slowly the tension and suspense build as Jules' sense of when this explosion will play out grows clear.   Themes of underdog, romance, and mental illness add more dimension.

233 pages  Ages 12 and up  978-1442403918

Recommended by:  Barb


Don’t make any plans to leave the house because you won’t be going anywhere once you open the pages of book 1 in this new thriller series! This unputdownable novel grabbed me from the first page. Two Italian immigrant families own competing pizza places near one another—years ago, the two patriarchs had a knock-down drag-out fight and since then, neither man wants anything to do with the other and they have forbidden their children from seeing or speaking to each other (Shades of "Romeo and Juliet"). Jules is fine with her father’s rule, that is until she starts seeing a vision—she sees a snowplow careening into rival’s restaurant, a big explosion, and nine body bags in the snow. First, she sees it on a billboard, then in windows, then on television, and as the day draws nearer, she can’t stop the vision. It’s everywhere like a movie loop in her mind. Jules is forced to warn Sawyer Angotti that she sees his restaurant exploding and him in a body bag—and she admits to herself that she’s carried the torch for Sawyer since age seven. She’s been secretly watching him for years, hoping he would speak to her or approach her. Once she’s warned him, Sawyer thinks Jules is a little strange and warns her to stay away from him and his family’s restaurant. Jules goes undercover sneaking around their restaurant parking lot and scoping out the scene; she even begins wearing disguises and sneaking out at night, secretly driving the pizza delivery truck and parking down the street. Jules is forced to tell brother Trey about her visions. Trey thinks she may need to see a doctor but agrees that he won’t tell their parents. Jules begs him to give her until Valentine’s Day…she’s figured out that the accident will happen on that day and she must warn Sawyer one more time, even if it means she’ll never have a chance with him. Is Jules seeing the future? And what caused that rift between her family and the Angottis anyway? Why can’t they bury the hatchet and move on? Why is her father so angry when he catches Jules talking to Sawyer? Can Jules change the future? And what about her family’s past? I loved, loved, loved Jules DeMarco! She's funny, self-deprecating, quirky, sweet, caring, and a little unbalanced. Jules is a spunky list-maker and a real go-getter. Readers will root for Jules and Sawyer to work things out and get romantic; book 2 promises even more romance. The ending leaves the reader balancing precariously at the edge of a steep precipice-- a real cliff hanger. Teens will be sorry when this book ends and breathless for the urgent release of book 2. McMann has another winning series with Visions. I can see how this YA novel would make a great teen movie; are you listening, Hollywood? Highly, highly recommended grade 7-up. One long, romantic, steamy kiss, but prime time television features kisses like this one. Some light profanity and the term virgin and virginity are brought up, but Jules is a “good” girl. Jules’ brother Trey is gay but no mention of anything sexual or inappropriate, just that he may be crushing on Sawyer.

ISBN: 9781442403918    256 pages.    Grades 7 and up.

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Reviewed by:  Pamela Thompson, Library Media Specialist, Texas, USA

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