If you take one look at this book and fall in love with the donkey, ahem, cow, on the cover, this is a book for you.  There is a nod to an old friend by the name of Ferdinand here but this is Cowie's story.

Cowie is not a cow.  Cowie wants to be a cow.  Cowie loves who cows are.  They are soft and they are kind.  They are calm and they are steady.  They are above all contented and who amongst us is not pining for a bit of that lovely thing called contentment.

But sadly for Cowie and luckily for our story, Cowie is a donkey.  The day comes when Cowie decides to be a cow.

We are talking delightful.  We are talking sweetness.  We are talking friends who care about you and what you want.  We are talking gentle humor.

Cowie, surrounded by his best of friends, a mouse and a duck, sets forth on his quest to be a cow.  There will be giggling and there will be hopefulness that Cowie can get all the way from donkeyness to cowness because we all know there is a place WE want to get to and how lovely to see it happen right before our very eyes.

40 pages                        978-1534421745                          Ages 3-6

Keywords:  donkey, cow, friends, friendship, being yourself, finding yourself, humor, identity, fun, helping others, understanding others, self image, happiness, 3 year old, 4 year old, 5 year old, 6 year old, animals, empathy

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge,


Cowie is a donkey who feels like a cow on the inside. Will his friends help him make his dream come true? Find out in this sweetly told story about discovering your true self.

Cowie was born a donkey but he knows he’s meant to be a cow. He wants to be a cow. Cows can graze in the meadow all day long and no one asks them to carry heavy packages. So, he stands with the cows in the barn but nothing happens. Will his dream ever come true, he wonders. Can Mousie and Duckie help Cowie feel happy in his own skin?---from the publisher


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