Count the Monkeys

Count the Monkeys

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Disney Hyperion June 2013
Mathematics Curriculum

One, two, three...scream COUNT THE MONKEYS!!!!

Okay everybody. We're going to count the monkeys.  Are you ready?  Turn the page....yikes...that's not a monkey.  That's a king cobra.  Okay, now, "Turn the page very slowly, very carefully so he doesn't notice us." Oh, so the king cobra has frightened all those monkeys away.  Get ready.  You're about to go counting but it might not be monkeys.  You may find some crocodiles, grizzly bears, bees, and even wolves.  The sense of suspense builds page by page and try as you might, you just can't find those monkeys to count.  It seems they are just one page turn away.This is one of the most interactive books filled with outrageous fun that I've come across in a long while.  You hum, you high five, you yell loudly, you even cover your eyes.  Tremendous read aloud for storytimes and classroom reading.   It's like Mac Barnett heard us out hear shouting, "GIVE ME A GREAT READ ALOUD!"

So, let's go see if we can find them.  Come on, let's start turning the pages.

Count on one thing for sure... a great time will be had by all!

32 pages  978-1423160656   Ages  4-8

Recommended by:  Barb


"Hey,  kids!  Time to count the monkeys!  It's fun.  It's easy.   All you
have to do is turn the page...and COUNT THE MONKEYS"
Houston,  we've got a problem.  Where the heck did all the monkeys  go???
"I  don't know why
You  should want to hide"
--  Lennon/McCartney, "You Won't See Me"
Err...I  thought that this book was supposed to be about monkeys.  But
something has  seriously gone wrong here.
"YIKES!   1 KING COBRA has scared off all the monkeys.  Turn the page very
slowly,  very carefully so he doesn't notice us."
"LOOK!  2 MONGOOSES have chased away that cobra!  Or is that 2 MONGEESE?  I
am  pretty sure it is 2 MONGOOSES.  Let's vote.  Raise your hand if you
think it's mongooses.  Now raise your hand if you think it's   mongeese.
Interesting.  Turn the page--I bet the monkeys will come  back."
School  librarians?  You'd best warn your principal before attempting
reading this  book to any classes.  Same goes for you preschool teachers who'd
better  warn your director.  That's because  COUNT THE MONKEYS is the audience
participation book of the year, and it might  get a little bit noisy in
By  time we get to the 8 LUMBERJACKS--after counting the crocodiles,
grizzly bears,  bee swarms, sweet old beekeepers, and wolves ("Wolves and grandmas
never get  along!") who have each, in turn, scared one another off, and
after  following the story narrator's directions that steadily work their way
up  to banging pans together and high-fiving each other--the audience will be
 screaming at those lumberjacks to SCRAM!!!
And  you REALLY don’t want to know what happens when the page turns  bring
us to numbers 9 and 10 in this crazy romp-of-a-tale.  But this is one
that--despite the apparent lack of monkeys (Where DID those monkeys go???)--will
no doubt result in loud calls for repeat performances.

32 pages  978-1-4231-6065-6

Richie  Partington, MLIS, Librarian, California USA

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