Cork & Fuzz: The Babysitters

Cork & Fuzz:  The Babysitters

"Cork was a short muskrat. He like to help. He like to help baby birds...Fuzz was a tall possum. He liked to help, too. He like to help himself to worms for breakfast...Two best friends, One was helpful. The other was Fuzz."

This introduction sets the tone for another humorous tale about the mismatched buddies. As the story opens, Cork is babysitting a young porcupine while Fuzz is busy making a bear trap (even though he isn't sure what he will do with a bear if he catches one). Before long, the baby become a handful, and Cork begs his friend for help. When the tiny porcupine begins crying, nothing Cork and Fuzz do gets him to stop--until the muskrat's attempts get him caught in his own bear trap. Cork is unable to rescue him, but help comes from an unexpected source--the baby porcupine.

Four short chapters make this an inviting book for readers looking for something more than a "picture book." Delightful wordplay and snappy dialogue are complemented by Lisa McCue's adorable illustrations that perfectly capture the characters' facial expressions. Kids will enjoy the entire series, but this title can be read as a stand-alone. 32 pages. Ages 6-9

Recommended by Basya Karp, Librarian

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