Cork & Fuzz: Finders Keepers

Cork & Fuzz:  Finders Keepers

Cork, a muskrat, and Fuzz, a possum, are friends. Cork likes to find things and Fuzz likes to keep things...ah, a recipe for disaster. On this day Cork finds a green stone and starts throwing it up in the air and catching it until he throws it too high and too far and he can't find it any more. Just then, Fuzz shows up all excited to show something he's found to Cork. As Fuzz arrives he looks down and finds a shiny green stone. Cork is sure it belongs to him but Fuzz calls Finders Keepers. Fuzz is not ready to give it to Cork. Off the two friends go to see what Fuzz has found in his turns out to be a chip-mouse, better known as a chipmunk. This chipmunk is about to teach Fuzz a lesson about keeping something that does not belong to you. This is the fifth book in this playfully written series with a great message and some fun along the way. 32 pages Ages 5-8

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