Coral Reefs

Coral Reefs

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Macmillan October 2011
Science Curriculum

A library. A shelf. A book called CORAL REEFS. A young girl reaches up, takes the book down off the shelf and opens up to a whole new world. Gradually, page by page, the world around her begins to change. Water spills onto the floor. Wisps of coral grow and reach up covered with the same vivid polyps she is reading about. The water creeps over the floor near her feet and suddenly she finds herself riding a cascade spilling her into an entire world of ocean.

Still reading she swims near a parrotfish and looks in amazement at the sharks swimming nearby. Her whole world has become an ocean filled with exotic creatures. She is, dare I say it, truly immersed in her book. This is a wonderful adventure into a coral reef. The brilliance of inviting the reader into the world in steps and stages shines and we wade deeper and deeper and feel a connection to this foreign place. It makes you want to wonder what might show up next. Ages 5-10  (Barb)

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