Contest Between the Sun and the Wind

Contest Between the Sun and the Wind

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August House 2007
Character-Building Curriculum

2,500 years ago Aesop, a Greek slave, created fables that have been passed down from civilization to civilization and are still relevant today.

Here is the elegantly illustrated story of the sun and the wind battling it out over who can get get the coat off the back of a traveller.  As the man trudges his road, the wind blows mightily.  He huffs and puffs and uses the greatest force he can create and it is formidable.

The sun chooses... note the word there... the sun chooses a different strategy.  The sun glows and beams. It's gentle.  Which will prove the more effective method?  How do we each choose to tackle a problem, an obstacle, a person who is causing us conflict?

This would make a wonderful discussion starter about getting along with others in the classroom, the neighborhood, the world.  Beautifully illustrated the colors and sophistication will attract readers who absorb quickly and those who take it in more slowly and with more attention to detail.

Ages 5-9  978-0874838329   32 pages

Recommended by:  Barb

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