Construction Alphabet Book

Construction Alphabet Book

Steam shovels.  Bulldozers.  Truly the world should have more of least for some of our younger readers/listeners.  Seeing one in action can take up an hour with all the phenomenal power and thrilling sounds on display.

With this innate love of machinery when it comes time to teach the alphabet, it doesn't get any better than seeing a different construction vehicle on every page.  You think you know your machines until you get to H and find out all about the Horizontal Borer.  Sure there's an Impact Hammer for the letter I and that might be old news, but c'mon...who knows what a Vactor is?  I mean this is expert country.'s absolutely awesome.  I really think Jerry Pallotta has arrived in adulthood and decided to create every book he needed as he was growing up...all the books that weren't on the shelf for they ARE on the shelves for our beloved ones who dream of driving an Off-Road Dump Truck or getting behind the controls of any of these goliaths.

32 pages   978-1570914379    Ages 3-9

Recommended by;  Barb Langridge,

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