Conspiracy 365: May

Conspiracy 365: May

In book 5 of Conspiracy 365, Cal has only a few of the clues needed to solve the Mystery of the Ormonds. Now, Cal has his identity stripped away and is locked in an insane asylum where the doctors think he is delusional. He has to contact his friend, Boges or his great-uncle Bartholemew but how? It seems impossible until one of the asylum patients goes on a rampage allowing Cal to sneak access a computer and send an email to Boges.

With the help of his friends, Cal is able to escape the insane asylum and locate great-uncle Bartholomew. But Oriana is on his trail. Is the information from great-uncle Bartholomew what Cal needs to solve the mystery? He just has to survive long enough to find out. Cal has been warned. The clock is ticking. 192 pages

Recommended by Molly Bates, Librarian.

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