Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen


Mary Elizabeth, or as she prefers to be called, Lola, is a DRAMA QUEEN,  the ultimate star of her own life and will happily lie to anyone just to make things a little more exciting.

Her mother, a single parent, and her two little sisters don't come into her field of view very often.  Lola's real focus is her life at school  Her family has just been forced to move out of Manhattan to the New Jersey suburbs where according to Lola, "it's like being dead only with cable and pizza delivery."

In her new school Lola quickly discovers that the role of Drama Queen is owned and operated by one Carla Santini, beautiful, popular and perfect in every way.  When the school announces they will be casting a play, Pygmalion,  Lola and Carla vie for the lead.  Which queen will win?  Imagine the drama!

To keep her life running at full speed Lola finds out Carla is going to a concert in New York City and Lola tells everyone she has tickets too.  One lie leads to another and eventually Lola is trying to crash the sold-out concert, meet the members of the band, get the lead in the play and take her rightful place as Teenage Drama Queen.

304 pages    978-1406336818   Ages 13 and up

Tone:  Hilarious

Pacing:  Fast-paced


"There is only room for one drama queen - which one will take centre stage? When Lola moves from New York City to boring Dellwood - "Deadwood" - Falls she thinks her life is over. But she soon discovers a way to shake things up - and it involves taking on the high school's biggest bully, getting the lead in the school play, not to mention crashing a rock star's party! Set in an American high school, this is a fast and funny account of the rivalry between Carla, the resident drama queen, and the newcomer, Lola, by a best-selling author."--from the publisher

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