Commander Toad and the Voyage Home

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Commander Toad and the Voyage Home

The alarm sounds, "Aaaaaa-oooooo-ga!" as the spaceship Star Warts is heading for home. Battle stations everyone. Commander Toad fears they are stranded on an unknown planet. The ship isn't moving forward or backward. They set the dials for a "full planet rotation" and find water everywhere below them. Then, they spot a brown island in the water and decide to land. Lieutenant Lily draws her weapon. Commander Toad falls down a deep hole and finds carvings of toads who strongly resemble the members of the landing party. Turns out they'e discovered the long lost home of Earth's toads and frogs. There is even a toad-um pole. There are even some tadpoles. Humor and a sense of adventure highlight this early reader. 64 pages

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