Clone Codes The Visitors (Book 3)

clone codes the visitors mckissack

The stunning conclusion to the Clone Codes trilogy There is a wicked system of operation inside the Topas Corporation, where clones are produced. Only authorized Topas officials are allowed inside. Only they, along with the clones themselves, know what happens within the walls of the world's largest and most powerful cloning company.

This final book of The Clone Codes plunges readers into this strange reality. At the same time, The World Federation of Nations has issued an urgent decree to the masses--find Houston Ye, a cyborg, and Leanna Deberry, a clone, both fugitives! There is a $1 million bounty on each of their heads if captured alive. Once again, the McKissacks blend a futuristic world with events from world history to create a gripping sci-fi adventure. -from the publisher

192 pages                                      9780439929875)                          Ages 9 -13

Keywords:  science fiction, trilogy, clones, first person narrative, discrimination, 9 year old, 10 year old, 11 year old, 12 year old, 13 year old


Marcus, the son of the director of the space program and an ardent believer in the Wholer movement, and Leanna, a clone who was illegally raised as human, are back for a third installment. Leanna is recuperating from having been kidnapped by the evil Chancellor Graham's forces, who tried to turn her into a purple clone, and her mother and Dr. Ayala are still in prison. With the help of Rizin, they hope to be able to get the two free and also fight against the chancellor and his killer bots, who have some support becomes he claims that cyborgs and clones are dragging down advancements in space exploration. They have the help of RUBy, a rock-like, Crystalline creature who is not the ship but controls the ship, and communicates via computer. However, RUBy must return to her own planet in time to complete the ritual of splitting. The Crystallines are even more discriminated against than clones and cyborgs because people do not have any idea that they are anything more than rocks. When Leanna's mother and Dr. Ayala are brought before the World Supreme Court to decide if their raising of Leanna as a human was illegal, RUBy comes along. The court needs to decide once and for all if the chancellor is right and can continue to discriminate against clones and cyborgs, and the existence of the Crystallines will help sway their opinion-- but in what direction?

Strengths: Leanna and Marcus are both interesting characters, and the futuristic elements are not all grim-- there is a lot of fun space travel and technology. All three books are short, and excellent for science fiction assignments!

Weaknesses: Still a tiny bit heavy on the civil rights parallels, but in this book this theme does not interfere with the pacing or character development as much as it did in previous books.

Recommended by:  Karen Yingling, Librarian, Ohio USA

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