Clone Codes: Cyborg (Book 2)


The story takes place in the future where there are different groups in society. There are the Firsts, Wholers, Cyborgs, and Clones. The story is about a boy, Huey, who was a First and becomes a Cyborg due to a boating accident. As a Cyborg, he does not have the same rights as Firsts or Wholers. Huey, along with some friends and an ultra modern spaceship, go to the Moon to live with Huey's guardian, Li Rizen. The government changes the rules and Huey and his friends fight for their rights.

Under the new law, the Cyborg Act of 2130, Huey is now considered less than human because he contains more than three synthetic body parts or organs. In fact he and those like him are considered three/fifths of a human being. The story is creating parallels to the time of slavery when the African Americans were considered three/fifths of a person. The fact that under this Act they must register with the Cyborg Bureau of Affairs may ring familiar in our own times as well. This powerful story is designed to get our children to think about this kind of discrimination and oppression and this would make a great group or bookclub discussion book.

This book will best be enjoyed by Middle Readers or Older Readers. It is the second book of the Clone Codes series.

Recommended by Karen Limbaugh, MLIS, Retired High School Librarian

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