Clockwork Prince The Infernal Devices, Book 2

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Dangerous, brooding, dark and achingly romantic, Clockwork Prince delivers a pulse racing read rife with rich romance and deep with dark detail. Cassandra Clair has invented her own genre:  paranormal romance with a steampunk twist and a Victorian vibe.

Having escaped villain Mortmain and his cronies (Clockwork Angel), Will, Jem, Tessa and the Shadowhunters return to the Institute to plan their next moves. Called before the Clave, Charlotte is blindsided by Benedict Lightwood who suggests that she is not capable of running the Institute and that if she and the Shadowhunters can’t find Mortmain within the next two weeks, the Clave should replace Charlotte with a better leader.

The group returns to the Institute and tries to find answers about Mortmain. Why does he hate the Shadowhunters? What happened in Mortmain’s past to fuel his need for revenge and destruction?

It is decided that Tessa and Sophie begin weapons training to learn to defend themselves and the Institute. Gideon and Gabriel Lightwood arrive to train the girls, but is the boys’ presence a threat to the Shadowhunters’ security? A traitor is uncovered in their midst and the Shadowhunters must act.

Will soon confronts his own demons (literally) with the help of Magnus Bane. Will has had a curse over his head since age twelve, and readers finally gain insight into Will’s brash, wild, and abusive behavior. Only Jem, Will’s blood brother, seems to understand Will. Tessa finds herself in love with two boys—one who treats her with distant disdain and the other who treats her with empathy and affection. Which will win her heart
 and her hand?

 Brothers will be tested and true love will save lives. Bloodlines will be called into question and families will be severed. Cassandra
 Clare is a genius storyteller with serious writing chops. Clockwork Prince is true entertainment on an epic scale.

Girls will love wickedly handsome Will who is as cursed as he is smolderingly beautiful. Girls may also love quiet, gentle Jem who seems the polar opposite of his blood brother Will. Tessa  continues to vacillate between the two love interests and ultimately makes her choice, a choice that readers may not see coming.

An unexpected late arrival at the conclusion opens the door for the next book, Clockwork Princess.
 Clockwork Prince is a must read for paranormal romance fans. This series is not be missed!

Highly, highly recommended grade 7-up. This is the best paranormal romance I have ever read! Steamy kissing scenes (two, to be exact), no sex--the characters seem to be going there, but are interrupted before anything can happen. If this were a movie, it would probably be PG. No language.

Recommended by:  Pamela Thompson, Librarian, Texas

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