Clarice Bean Series: Clarice Bean Spells Trouble

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Clarice Bean Series: Clarice Bean Spells Trouble

Life continues to hand challenges to Clarice Bean who turns to a tv character for guidance. This is a rowdy, uproarious series about a girl named Clarice and her wacky family. Clarice is called upon to hold her own and reveals herself to be a young lady of sense and substance. If you have a young reader who likes a series and wants to read about a self-reliant character whose life might ring a bit familiar, here is a good option.

Clarice Bean is faced with some challenges. Her teacher is planning a spelling bee and everyone has to participate. CB is not much of a speller. Her teacher is planning to cast the roles for the upcoming school play, “The Sound of Music.” CB wants to be Liesl. She is cast as Nun Four. CB has a good friend named Karl who is always in trouble. Now CB knows that Karl’s father has left the family and doesn’t want Karl to come to live with him. How come none of these things ever happen to Ruby Redfort on TV? This is a charming and sometimes hilarious story of a young girl who isn’t perfect and doesn’t have a perfect life. Other books in this series include Utterly Me, Clarice Bean; Clarice Bean, Don’t Look Now; and Clarice Bean, That’s Me!

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