City of Ember (graphic novel version)

City of Ember (graphic novel version)

It's always dark in the City of Ember except when the fluorescent lights come on to create a daytime.  It's what the people of Ember have always known.  For the last 250 years their people have lived in this protected place safe from the dangers beyond.  It's been a pleasant life with storerooms fulfilling every need.

Twelve year olds Lina Mayfleet and Doon Harrow are about to have one of the most important days of their lives- Assignment Day.  This is the day when they will be assigned their role in the society.  This is where they will fulfill their adult responsibilities on behalf of the City.  

Lina is chosen as a Messenger and Doon will be down in the pipeworks below the city.  Fate brings them together and as their friendship grows they share their worries about the little things they are noticing.

For Lina it's about the empty storeroom shelves.  For Doon it's about the electricity ineffectively being generated and starting to flicker on and off as days pass.  Then Lina discovers shreds of a document which seems to hold information of the utmost importance.  Could it be that their ancestors left them important wisdom?  Wisdom no one has needed or known about until now?

The adventure and the questioning begin.  Done in graphic novel form the color and action are vivid.  A great alternative version for readers who prefer lots of pictures.

Ages 9-13  

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