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Harper Collins 2017 (originally on audio 2015)
Character-Building Curriculum

How lovely to have a new fairy tale to read to children that is set in a small hot country where everything is very old.  The Rajah and the Rani have a problem.  Their daughter, the princess, was born with eyes made of pearls.  She lives in the luxurious world of the palace surrounded by beauty that she cannot see and to this day she has never uttered a word. She does not speak.

The Rajah and the Rani are offering treasure to anyone who can get the princess to speak aloud.  A few treasure seekers come from far and wide to see if they can win the mango grove, the room in the palace, the parrot and the picture of the beautiful aunt.  None succeed.

Then a tiger comes to the palace announcing that he will convince the princess to speak.  What can a tiger do that no one else could do?  Is it safe to leave the princess alone in the room with the tiger?

This is a beautiful fairy tale which on the surface is a simple tale about a family with a problem and a tiger that comes to solve that one and some others along the way.  There is a moment of tension when the decision is made to allow the tiger to be alone with the princess.  Interestingly enough, the princess is not afraid.

But this is truly a tale of what we teach our children is important in the world and how we choose to protect them from harm.   Children need to know that the world will hold pain and fear and that sometimes life will be hard.  As they grow up, they are searching for these truths that unconsciously they know are there.  If we don't respect that reality, we fail to give them the tools they need to succeed and be sure-footed in the adventure of life.

The beautiful, gently exotic illustrations will fascinate and capture the imaginations of young listeners. They will sense they are in new territory and it might turn out to be astonishingly wonderful.

Yep, you're gonna get scared.  Sometimes it's just scary.  Yep, you're going to hurt. Sometimes it's painful.  But the truth is that life is amazing  just like a tiger.  You can choose to go for the ride or you can stay hidden in your safe place gathering "things" to yourself for comfort.  But you'll miss the whole thing if you do.

40 pages     978-0062399618     Ages 4-8

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge,

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