Cinderella Cleaners: Change of a Dress

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Cinderella Cleaners: Change of a Dress

Diana’s stepmom won’t let her try out for the school play, thinks that helping at the family’s drycleaning business after school is more important. Sure, Diana loved being at Cinderella Cleaners when she was little, but it just can’t compare to being in “Our Town,” her favorite play ever!

The freshly cleaned clothes whirl by on the automated racks, Cat and Elise are fun to work with, Nelson is an amazing tailor and designer, so it would be alright to be here except for Ms. MacInerny, the world’s grumpiest supervisor. What’s a 13 year old actress doing here when she could be across the river in Manhattan, seeing plays on Broadway??

Moving a fancy coat to storage, Diana finds an envelope in its pocket – an invitation to the opening night of “Angel,” the new musical starring handsome young Adam Kessler, whose photos adorn her middle school locker! After finding out that the coat’s owner will be overseas for opening night, Diana’s friends at the cleaners decide that she will use the invitation and tickets.

All she needs is an evening dress, the right shoes, transportation to Broadway, and a way to escape her stepmom’s demands for free babysitting that night…

Will Diana’s chance of a lifetime come true? Check out this charming new series to find out! 224 pages

Recommended by: Katy Manck, Librarian-at-Large (retired academic/corporate/school librarian), Gilmer, Texas, USA

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2.5  (2)
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This is a really good book . I recommend it to 9 to 12 year old readers.

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I loved this book and it keeps you wanting to read more! Great for kid ages 9-12... cant wait to read more searies!

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