Chronicles of Narnia: Last Battle

Chronicles of Narnia: Last Battle

The land of Narnia is not always in trouble. In fact, Narnia is one of the most peaceful and happy places anyone will ever magically stumble upon. Centuries can pass in Narnia before a child of our world is called into Narnia to fight a battle to keep it safe. This time, millions of years after Jill and Eustace saved Prince Rilian from an evil witch, Narnia calls upon the two old friends in what is its greatest time of need.

A greedy ape convinces a friend to wear an old lion skin and pretend to be Aslan so the ape can have anything he has ever desired. Narnia is confused by all of the new Aslan’s orders. Why would a free horse work and why are tree spirits dying at the king’s feet? It is the Centaurs that insist that the stars never lie, but men and beasts do. Something is terribly wrong and the men and beasts of Narnia are too confused to save themselves.

Jill and Eustace are called into Narnia at the peak of the confusion in able to save King Tirian and fight for whatever is left of the land. And when all seems hopeless, the real Aslan has a solution that brings more old friend’s back to the land, but might bring an end to the enchanted land everyone has so grown to love.

Submitted by M.M.R.

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(Updated: January 26, 2017)
This is one of the best books in one of the best childrens' book series ever. It doesn't get much better than this!
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