The Christmas Eve Tree


A small fir tree grew up in a forest of Christmas trees tangled in the tree standing nearby.  When the foresters came to dig up the trees for the Christmas market, the little fir, still tangled and stunted, was thrown into a trailer and driven to the city where the other trees were chosen to stand in beautiful places.  But the little fir tree was not chosen and it ended up in a shop where it waited.

On Christmas Eve night a small boy stepped into the shop to get out of the cold.   He saw the little fir and asked the shop owner if he might have it.  The owner agreed to let him have the fir.  After all, it's Christmas Eve and the shop was about to close. No one will be buying the tree.

How does it feel when we are chosen by someone?  How does it feel when we belong?  It feels like the magic of Christmas Eve.

So, this is a story about children who have no home on Christmas Eve.  It's a story about creating goodness and wonder and kindness. It's a story about joining with others and together, making the world a little better for a few moments.  It's a story about someone who might notice a little bit of life left in a tree....or a child... and care enough to give it/him/her a place where it might thrive.

Touching, beautiful, and the book I will be giving my grandchildren this Christmas Eve.

40 pages           978-0763679170           Ages 5-9

Recommended by  Barb Langridge,



In a deeply moving story with the hallmarks of a classic, a homeless boy’s rescue of a spindly Christmas tree sparks a glimmer of hope that has far-reaching effects.

It’s late on Christmas Eve, and the little fir tree is the only tree left in the shop. What a poor thing I am, it thinks. But then a young boy enters the store, drawn in from the damp by the warmth and lights and the wonderful smell of Christmas, and he doesn’t seem to mind that the scrawny tree isn’t tall and straight like the others. . . . This magical story, beautifully illustrated by Emily Sutton, captures an unexpected and unforgettable moment of happiness that brings a whole city together.--from the publisher


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