Chocolate Me!

Chocolate Me!

A five year old boy sits on the front steps of his home in the city watching the neighborhood kids play and wishing he could be like them, Timmy, Mark and Johnny. These three boys enjoy teasing the little guy about his skin, his hair and his "wide" nose. He's different. He's not like them. Boy he wishes he could be like them and every word they say goes right through his skin to his heart. Ouch. Inside his house he lies on the rug and cries. His mother comes over to him and shows him his truth. He is wonderfully chocolate through and through. "Look in the mirror and love what you see!" A message for all those who bully and are bullied and for all who fear someone or something different. We are all wonderfully us and everyone can look in the mirror and be proud of what they see reflected back to them. Ages 5-9

Social Justice tie-in:

A book that helps small children understand how people of color could potentially feel in spaces where no one looks like them. It teaches us to accept differences...from the NNSTOY Social Justice Book List

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