Chloe and the Lion


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Disney Hyperion 2012
  • Character-Building Curriculum
  • Language Arts Curriculum

So, just how do authors and illustrators work together to create a picture book?  Does the author write the story and the illustrator draw the pictures to carefully match the details of the text?  Not in this book they don't.

The tale begins in an ordinary fashion with young Chloe admirably saving up money during the week so she can afford to ride the merry go round when the wonderful weekend comes to speak.  But, alas, one day Chloe is spun off into a deep, dark forest where she meets a lion.... er, uh, or maybe a dragon?  The story clearly states that Chloe meets a lion but the illustrator decides on his own to turn the dangerous being into a fire-breathing that's what the picture shows.  

Enter the author.... with a query or two regarding the change in storyline.  Exit the illustrator... tossed off the project for failure to follow directions.

What exactly does the illustrator bring to the task?  The author is about to get a lesson in working with others and seeing from someone else's point of view.

This is a great story about point of view and an enlightening story about the process between author and illustrator.  Hilarious in its delivery it's a great read aloud for curious, inquiring minds who want above all to be entertained.

Ages  5-9  978-1423113348

Recommended by:  Barb

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