Chicken Squad, Book 1: The First Misadventure


Dear Saturday Night Live:  Please invite Doreen Cronin to your show.  You will not be disappointed.

We are so, so lucky that so many talented people are investing their gifts in the wonderful, amazing world of children's books and this book is a prime example of that.  We are talking wondrous wit here.

First up, meet the characters otherwise known as the Chicken Squad.  We are introduced to the Squad by J.J. Tully, a retired search and rescue dog, who has had "seven years on the job and two years in the yard."  Picture him... belly up.

J.J. Tully has his, ahem, sharp eye, on the Chicken Squad made up of Dirt, Poppy, Sweetie and Sugar.  Each chick has his/her own specialty whether it's breaking and interrupting, computer codes, watching the shoe, or .... oh, that's of them doesn't seem to have a specialty, does he?  Apparently not.

So on this fine day in the chicken coop a gray squirrel named Tail barrels in shouting for help.  It seems something big and scary has landed in the yard and has its sights set on Tail.

What begins is a how-to manual for detectives-in-training.  The Chicken Squad snaps into action with notepads ready to record a description of this menacing foe.  The incisive sharp-as-a-beak minds of the Chicken Squad are determined to get to the bottom of the danger.

"I am a brave squirrel.  I am a brave squirrel."  With Tail quivering in the coop the Chicken Squad inches its way closer and closer and closer to the dangerous thing in the yard.  Who is after Tail?  Is anyone safe in the yard?  Can the Chicken Squad save the day?

978-1442496767   Ages  6-9   95 fun-filled pages

Read alikes:  GOOD CROOKS series by Mary Amato; Kung Pow Chicken series by Cyndi Marko; Looniverse series by David Lubarx; Boris series by Andrew Joyner

Recommended by:  Barb

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