Chasing Brooklyn

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Chasing Brooklyn

How does it feel when the guy you love and the guy who makes you your very best self is killed in a car accident? How does it feel when your brother is the guy who is killed in the car accident? This is a story told in free verse in the two voices of Brooklyn and Nico, two teenagers who loved Lucca, one as is girlfriend and the other as his brother. This is the story of the damage done by that accident. Gabe, who was driving the car, dies of a drug overdose. Was that an accident too or couldn't he stand to live with the guilt of what he had done? Nico is struggling to find his place in his family with his parents consumed by the grief and loss of their favorite son. Something is telling him to take care of Brooklyn. We meet Brooklyn and Nico on January 1, one year after Lucca is killed. Is Brooklyn going to make it? Can Nico help her? Should these two allow themselves to feel the intimate feelings they start feeling for each other or are they betraying their relationship with Lucca? Lisa Schroeder carefully creates a fog of pain, questions and mystery. Can those who have passed on come back to warn us of impending danger? Can Lucca's love give him a pass to communicate with his brother? What about Gabe? Does his guilt give him an energy that can cross the line into the world of the living and if so, is he back for good or for evil purposes? This is a story of love and loss and love again. Deftly handled. Ages 14 and up 412 pages

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