Charlie Bumpers vs. The Teacher of the Year

Charlie Bumpers vs. The Teacher of the Year

Charlie Bumpers is convinced he is NOT going to get along with his fourth grade teacher Mrs. Burke, even if she was the teacher of the year. See, back in third grade, Charlie accidently hit this teacher on the head with his sneaker and he remembers her yelling that if he ever did anything like that again he would lose recess. FOREVER. Now he’s in her class, and she has strict rules about clean desks and neat papers, and Charlie tries, but neat and tidy seem to be things that only happen to other students, like Samantha Grunsky, who knows EVERYTHING. And for the first time, Charlie and his best friend Tommy are not in the same class, which must be a mistake. But then Charlie meets Hector, a new student from Chile. Charlie can see that Hector needs friends, and so he befriends Hector. But if you watch Charlie closely, you can see that there’s more to him than a messy kid, and someone else can see it. This is a humorous school story about a not-so-perfect kid who tries. 138 pages, plus a sneak peek at the second book in the series coming in 2014.


138 pages Ages 7-10 978-1561457328

Recommended by:  Alice Cyphers, Librarian, Pennsylvania USA

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