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Karadi Tales Picturebooks April 2019

How long does it take to hatch a kitten? Cat isn’t sure, but she would rather be snacking or napping. Join her as she looks around for a babysitter for her mysterious golden egg. She seeks help from her baffled friend Dog, a crow, a koel, and a turtle, for as we all know, it takes a village to raise an egg. Aparna Karthikeyan’s delightfully humorous prose is complemented by Christine Kastl’s art that has an almost three-dimensional quality to it. Together, they take you on a feline adventure quite unlike any other.---from the publisher

36 pages                          978-8193654224                       Ages 4-8

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I love the beginning of this book. Dog says Woof Woof. Cat, stretched out in a basket says, Quiet there, I’m hatching a kitten.

Perfect intro to a cute book.

Well, how long does it take to hatch a kitten egg? It took Horton, ( my favorite picture book of all times), a whole year to hatch his elephant bird.

So how does a cat come to have an egg? Cat thinks it happened while sleeping. Upon waking there it was and it is the same color, or kind of the same, as cat’s yellow fur, so it must belong.
Cat comes a bit weary of tending the egg and goes out to find help, all the while, toting the egg in his/her mouth.

Cat is smart enough to enlist the help of other egg laying animals... crow, koel, turtle... but now the egg seems to be a little soggy for some reason.
Sensing a problem, cat, with egg in mouth, rushes back to dog, lamenting that the egg is destroyed! Why is it gooey and melting?

Well reader I must stop here and allow you to find out the fate of cat’s egg.

You might ask, what is a koel? I did. It’s an Asian bird that lays its single egg in another bird’s nest, particularly the jungle crow.

This is a cute addition for your spring collection of picture books.
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