Cat's Cradle: Golden Twine, Book One

Cat's Cradle: Golden Twine, Book One

Suri is a young orphan girl travelling with a merchant caravan,  determined to become a real monster tamer in this graphic novel which manages to spin a yarn with the help of some magic golden twine. One night a caitsith is seen stealing chickens from a farmer’s coop, and it isn’t long before Suri is chasing-and eing chased by a family of these shape-shifting cat-human monsters.

When Suri discovers a ball of golden twine she unknowingly possesses the key to defeating the caitsiths, who are determined to retrieve the magic thread from this impetuous little girl: dead or alive.


 Luckily for Suri, she befriends a huge, loveable dog-monster who is caged in a wagon associated with in her travelling caravan and this beast becomes Suri’s best chance to avoid capture by the caitsiths and to travel further into the land where monsters dwell. Ending with the caitsiths still in pursuit, this first installment is one that should be a popular series of not-too scary graphic novels for upper-elementary aged fantasy fans.


Recommended by: Craig Seasholes, Librarian, Washington USA


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