Cat Girl's Day Off

Cat Girl's Day Off

Nat has a Talent: she can talk to and understand cats. She is very disappointed with this talent. Her sisters (one older, one younger) have Talents she considers much more desirable. While watching a celebrity gossip show Nat sees famous blogger Easton West with her equally famous cat. Only one problem: the cat is yelling that this is a fake Easton and begging for help from someone. Since Nat understands the cry for help she and her friends decide to try to rescue the real Easton.

The book lived up to my hope. It is a great, funny story. The title confused the heck out of me for awhile. It wasn't properly formatted on my Kindle. The apostrophe got left off and I couldn't figure out if it was a plural cat or what. Anyway, not important. Nat is a really good character. Funny, self-confident and insecure in equal amounts, which is very realistic. Her thoughts and experiences as the middle child are perfect. Every kid can relate to those kinds of feelings.

All in all, this is a realistic fiction with very realistic characters. There is a bonus included for those of us who would get the joke when I call roll and say "Bueller....Bueller..........Bueller.....Bueller?"

Verdict: add it to your library.

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Recommended by: Stephanie Lott, 4th Writing & Social Studies, Texas USA

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