Cat Diaries: Secret Writings of the Meow Society

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Cat Diaries: Secret Writings of the Meow Society

One night the alleys and streets of the world have all gone quiet, mice are running free and dogs are trying to figure out what's going on. The cats are missing. They have gathered together from everywhere to tell their tells. The group, MEOW, is Memories Expressed in Our Writing, and one by one they will tell their tale -except for the manxes-they don't have any tails! Fuzzy begins with the tale of the night when his family brought a tree into their home. He had the best of both worlds until he decided to climb the tree and got thrown outside into the cold. There is a story of a cat and a gypsy woman, and a cat in a library, a cat who is forced into a parachute, a very wise Spanish speaking cat who outwits a thief, a cat from 2000 BC and so on. It's a great collection of humor and adventure and feline characters. Great bedtime read aloud for children who want to hear just one more story! 80 pages Ages 5-9

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