Captain Nobody

Captain Nobody

His mother is on the phone, his father is deep in blueprints and his older brother is Chris Newman, football star. It's the day of the big game and Newton Newman is invisible as always. His family is so busy they just never seem to have time for him or even to notice him.  But life is about to change.


One minute the crowd is going wild for his brother, the star quarterback, and the next minute there's a hush. Injured in a physical football play suddenly Chris Newman is in a coma. All his vital signs look good but he just doesn't wake up.


With his family busy as always no one has helped Newt to figure out a costume for Halloween this year.  But with the help of a couple of his friends, Newton Newman is about to don a Halloween Mask that will actually reveal his true inner other: Captain Nobody. With the mask in place, Newton finds himself capable of heroism. It turns out that Captain Nobody is a somebody and all along Newt has been a somebody too!  


Every time he becomes Captain Somebody he finds himself in the right place at the right time to be a hero.  But over in that hospital bed, his brother Chris Newman is still lying unconscious.  Will Newt/Captain Somebody make a difference to someone who matters so much?  Brothers.  Find yourself.  Learning to see your own possibilities. Great story.


200 pages  Ages 8-12  978-0142416679

Recommended by:  Barb

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