Captain Awesome vs Nacho Cheese Man (Book 2)

Captain Awesome vs Nacho Cheese Man (Book 2)

Another day dawns in the lives of Captain Awesome, also known as Eugene,  and his best friend, Charlie, better known as Nacho Cheese Man.  What evil villain will cross their paths?  Will it be Dr. Drools?  Queen Stinkypants?  

Thank goodness our superheroes have the latest issue of Super Dude...number 429 in the comic book series.  This is where Eugene and Charlie keep up on what to expect from the evilness dudes in the world around them. 

Except when the Super Dude 429 comic book goes missing, Eugene can only imagine one person who could have and would have taken it... and that means the evilness may have finally captured his best friend of all times.  Things start looking bad and it's up to Eugene to find out what it means to be a real super hero.  Black and white illustrations that give an extra kick to the mystery.

Ages 6-9  115 pages  978-1-4424-40913

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