Captain Awesome Takes a Dive (Book 4)

Captain Awesome Takes a Dive (Book 4)

Captain Awesome and Nacho Cheese Man, two superheroes, are about to hear the wonderful sound of the bell that means summer vacation is here to stay. No more Dr. Yuck Spinach to battle. These guys are headed to fun, fun, fun. Then, they find themselves at the pool for swim lessons with Lifeguard Ted who just might be....the Double Dipper.

Danger abounds on every wave and especially those unspeakable blobs of who knows what that lurk on the pool floor. Ooohhh...could it be? Have those babies let loose with their super powers yet again? It will take all the super skills of Awesome and Cheesie to make the world a little bit safer.

For those young readers who are just ready for a chapter book, here is a dream come true. The world around them really could be just like this...filled with evil-doers and subject to their own mi-tee superness. Action, humor, and oh... the super possibilities. Perfect for budding superheroes and jokester thrillseeking party animals. Best super news of's a series.

Ages 5-8 115 pages (with huge font) 978-1442442030

Recommended by: Barb

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