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  • Can You Crack the Code? A Fascinating History of Ciphers and Cryptography

Can You Crack the Code? A Fascinating History of Ciphers and Cryptography

can you crack the code

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Bloomsbury Children's Books March 2019

History is full of secrets - and secret codes that keep them hidden.  With this book, you can become an expert in writing and solving secret codes while also learning about the many ways secret codes have been used throughout history - including generals and spies sending important messages during war, pirates and criminals marking the location of hidden treasure, even quarterbacks telling their teams which play to use. Sprinkled with codebreaking challenges for the reader, this book is like a spy training manual - by the time you reach the end, you might be ready to crack some of history’s unsolved puzzles, or at least, start a secret code club with your friends.  Author Ella Schwartz, a cybersecurity professional, has written a book that is both fun and full of great information.  Can you crack the code?  Jrrg Oxfn!

128 pages                        978-1681195148                Ages 8-13

Keywords:  codes, cyphers, history, interactive, interactive book, cybersecurity, technology, secrets, spies, 8 year old, 9 year old, 10 year old, 11 year old, 12 year old, 13 year old

Recommended by:  Jean Boone, Librarian, Maryland USA


Codes can carry big secrets! Throughout history, lots of good guys and lots of bad guys have used codes to keep their messages under wraps. This fun and flippable nonfiction features stories of hidden treasures, war-time maneuverings, and contemporary hacking as well as explaining the mechanics behind the codes in accessible and kid friendly forms. Sidebars call out activities that invite the reader to try their own hand at cracking and crafting their own secret messages. This is the launch of an exciting new series that invites readers into a STEM topic through compelling historical anecdotes, scientific backup, and DIY projects.---from the publisher

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