Calvin Coconut: Hero of Hawaii

Calvin Coconut: Hero of Hawaii

Can a tropical storm ruin Calvin’s plans for his sister’s seventh birthday party? Calvin has the best ideas ever to surprise his sister Darci for her birthday, but a huge storm is approaching and the rain is causing some major problems for the people on the island. Calvin is put to the test of courage and strength when his friend Willy is swept away down the river. Fans will cheer Calvin on as he tries to save him. Another great adventure with Calvin and his friends.

In the back of the book, the author has included Hawaiian facts along with Calvin facts. 160 pages Ages 7-10

Recommended by Deborah McLaughlin, Librarian


Calvin is hanging out with his friends until he gets called to come clean up the dog poop in the yard.  It's almost Darci's birthday; she's Calvin's sister and the family is planning to build a major water slide in the back yard.  Then, word comes that a huge storm is brewing.  The rain starts with a vengeance and doesn't stop until the ceiling is leaking, the river is rushing and and the police are telling Calvin and friends to stay inside where it's safe.

Finally, the rain stops falling and Calvin and his friend Willy slip outside and head down to take a look at how Calvin's boat is doing in the storm.  "Man, look at all the junk in the water."  Branches are sailing downstream as the river water roars and races past the boys.   "Here comes a big one," Calvin shouts.  Willy crawls to the edge and reaches down to grab the branch.  In the time it takes Calvin to blink his eyes Willy is gone.  Calvin looks at the place where Willy was and then looks into the river.  "Willy," he screams.  Willy looks back at Calvin as the river sweeps him away.    148 pages  Ages  6-10  Great for Belonger/Connector and Seeker/Leader  (series)

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