Buzzing With Questions The Inquisitive Mind of Charles Henry Turner

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Do spiders always build the same kind of web or do they change the design? Can ants find their way back home if you put obstacles in their way? Do bees like red better than blue? These are some of the questions Charles Henry Turner asked himself; the questions “itched like mosquito bites.” He didn’t just shoo them out of his mind, though. He read, learned and did experiments to find the answers.

With bold, colorful illustrations that magnify Turner’s vision and his tiny subjects, this biography takes us deep into the fascinating behavior of creatures we often see as just a nuisance. We learn not only about the incredible capabilities of insects, but also about the passion, persistence and determination Charles Henry Turner applied to this work - overcoming racial barriers to become a renowned scholar and teacher AND a doodlebug expert!

If you are now wondering, “what is a doodlebug?” and “what can a doodlebug do?”, you need to read Buzzing with Questions and scratch that inquisitive itch. With lots of valuable backmatter, including a timeline, bibliography, photos and quotes, this book offers a fresh perspective for students’ biography projects.

Recommended by:  Jean Boone, Children's Librarian, Maryland USA


The curiosity of the first African American entomologist Charles Henry Turner--a scientist who studied bugs--shines in this nonfiction picture book, which showcases his ideas and discoveries about ants, bees, and other insects.

Charles Henry Turner's mind itched with questions. Fascinated by animals, bugs, and crustaceans, Turner studied their lives. When books didn't answer his questions, he researched, experimented, and looked for answers on his own, even when faced with racial prejudice. Author Janice Harrington and artist Theodore Taylor III capture the life of this scientist and educator, highlighting his unstoppable curiosity and his passion for insects and biology. The extensive back matter includes an author's note, timeline, bibliography, source notes, and archival images.---from the publisher

48 pages                                      978-1629795584                              Ages 7-10

Keywords:  curiosity, insects, entomologist, science, scientist, bugs, narrative nonfiction, biography, African American, diverse books, diversity, African American author,  7 year old, 8 year old, 9 year old, 10 year old, Science Curriculum, STEM

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