Bunny in the Middle


There is something about the charm of some of the stories, especially some of the picture books, of yesterday.  Pick any story about a bunny that you can remember and you know what I mean.

This book harks back to that feeling.  There's a light, a warmth, an instant sense of connection that welcomes you into this story.

Described on the jacket flap this book is described as having been created to "celebrate.... being in the middle.  Middle kids are often sensitive, thoughtful, brave, peacemakers, risk-takers.....the dear ones."

This is the story of a the bunny in the middle.  A bunny with the gentlest of eyes, living in a flower-filled world and tiny suits of armor, she gives and leads and notices so many little and important things about her family.  She's a little bit of glue, a glowing little light, that holds things together, solves the sticky situations, makes everything - including herself- something very special.

A lovely book about families, about kindness, about being a bunny and about love.

40 pages                            978-1250120366                         Ages 3-6

Keywords:  bunny, family, siblings, getting along, love, understanding others, being yourself, 3 year old, 4 year old, 5 year old, emotional intelligence, place in the family, sibling order

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge, abookandahug.com


This joyful picture book celebrates middle children and sibling love.

When you’re in the middle . . . you’re not the oldest, and you’re not the youngest. You are right in between. There’s someone bigger who helps you and someone smaller who needs you. From the middle, you can see both sides.

But being in the middle isn’t always easy―sometimes it’s hard to know what makes you special, or how to follow a path that’s just your own. Bunny in the Middle, this classic picture book from Anika A. Denise highlights the remarkable empathy of middles and the joys of self-acceptance, glowingly illustrated by New York Times-bestselling artist Christopher Denise.---from the publisher


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