Bulu: African Wonder Dog

Bulu: African Wonder Dog

They say that cats have nine lives but this little dog who came to live with Anna and Steve Tolan in Zambia had a few extra lives of his own. The Tolans had been police officers together in England and after Steve suffered extensive injuries in a bad car accident, they decided to live their dream and move to Zambia. Then, a puppy, Bulu, came into their lives.

Though the virtual runt of his litter with no outward signs of greatness, Bulu took charge of the Tolan domain in short order. He had an unlimited curiosity, great heart and and tremendous loyalty to his family. As Bulu moves in, we get a look at the daily routine and rhythm of life with the Tolans. They're dedicated to helping and healing hurt animals. Bulu turns out to be a great nurturer and protector of the weak and fearful animals who come under the Tolan's care. As he cares for others, our understanding of his capacity for giving and he owns our hearts by the book's end. The bond between man, woman and dog is beyond explaining for most of us and this little dog's life and spirit had great power and leave behind great love. It's not Marley but it's good enough. 323 pages  Ages 8-12

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Bulu is a super hero. I loved reading about his exciting adventures set in the wilderness of Zambia. I couldn't put this book down. Although it is listed as fiction on this website, it's actually nonfiction.
Recommended by: Rhonda Sancibrian
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