Bully Blockers Club, The

Bully Blockers Club, The

Lottie Raccoon is all excited as she heads out the door for a brand new school year. But in class, Grant Grizzly makes fun of her and says she smells. Lottie's stomach starts to hurt and she wonders if she does smell. At home she asks her big brother and sister what she should do.

Lily tells her to ignore Grant. Jerome says give Grant a karate chop. Lottie tries everything to make Grant stop picking on her. Finally she tells her parents and they call the school and talk to Lottie's teacher, Mrs. Kallberg.

Grant is one of those kids who does all his bad things when no one else is looking. Mrs. Kallberg tells Grant that everyone gets to feel safe at school. But Grant doesn't stop. The other kids in Lottie's class have been watching and they decide to step in. They form a club and when Grant starts to steal Lottie's crayons, the other kids tell him to stop it. They call their club The Bully Blockers. This is a great bully blocking strategy and good classroom read aloud.

Recommended by:  Barb

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