Bulldog's Big Day

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Bulldog's Big Day

Bulldog wakes up in the morning ready for a big day. He begins by baking a batch of cookies and then heads out to hunt for a job. The help wanted sign lists firefighter, window washer, sign painter and bookseller so Bulldog has lots of possibilities to try and try he does. He's game for anything and begins at the firehouse as a Ladder Truck Checker. Oooh, this is a wondrous job that involves levers and screws and bolts and making the ladder go up and down which is really great until Bulldog gets a little carried away with his enthusiasm for the job. Luckily, there are other job options awaiting. With the help of Giraffe, Spider, Moose and Elephant, Bulldog tries his hand at all kinds of great jobs. Each episode is written as a separate little chapter with entertaining illustrations dotted with interesting little details to find and wonderful pacing that will keep the pages turning. Will Bulldog have a big day? Will he get to be a part of all the hustle bustle? It's good to try lots of possibilities but the best part of the day is figuring out what you do best and finding your own special way of being a part of the great big picture. Ages 4-7 32 pages

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