Bugs and Bugsicles: Insects in the Winter

Bugs and Bugsicles:  Insects in the Winter

Isn't that a great title? A bugsicle? What's a bugsicle? Conjures up some interesting images, doesn't it? So, let's imagine for a moment it's one of the those warm fall days and you're out for a glorious walk and you start seeing bugs and the like. Maybe a Monarch butterfly flits past you or you look down and see a Wooly Bear Caterpillar and you start thinking ahead to the cold days that are coming with the snow and the ice. You might ask yourself where will the butterfly and the caterpillar be when I'm snug in my house watching the snow fall and listening to the wind howl? Amy S. Hansen asked the same questions and is giving us some answers. Did you know that the Arctic Wooly Bear Caterpillar actually becomes a bugsicle in the winter so it can survive the coldest temperatures? How cool is that? That Monarch is going to get out of town and head to warmer climes. But, you can ask the same question about honeybees and ants and that big green praying mantis you've been glimpsing all summer long. This book explores the wonder of how these little creatures survive against the big challenge of winter. I love giving books like this as gifts to my young friends because if they aren't asking these questions already, I want them to, and if they are asking the questions, this book has great explanations and answers. The warm illustrations show us nature is our friend and remind us of the wonder of the natural world all around us. Such an important gift to give to the next generation.

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