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  • Buddy Files: The Case of the Lost Boy

Buddy Files: The Case of the Lost Boy

Buddy Files:  The Case of the Lost Boy

"I have news for you, King.Your people aren’t missing.They just don’t want you anymore.That’s why you’re in the P O U N D, " says Sam, the bassett hound.But King is no ordinary dog.He’s a dog who has known love and family and best of all, he’s a detective.He and his person, Kayla, solved many a case together in the park.This is King’s toughest case ever.The lady has gone away to the National Guard.But Kayla and her father have just disappeared. To solve the case King needs to get out of the p o u n d and he does when Connor and his newly divorced mother choose to take him home and adopt him.King’s new name is now Buddy and miracle of miracles, his new house is right near his old house so he’ll be able to sniff around and ask all the neighborhood pets for clues about the disappearance of his “real” family.The, while on a walk, Buddy loses his boy, Connor.Did the stranger take Connor?Is Connor lost somewhere?Buddy is determined to show the lady how to get Connor back. Touched with suspense as the stranger casts a frightening shadow on the story, this first in the series looks like a good choice for independent readers who need an extra measure of intensity in their dog books. 128 pages

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