Brothers in Hope The Story of the Lost Boys of Sudan

Brothers in Hope   The Story of the Lost Boys of Sudan

We hear about Darfur and the Sudan, but how can we truly explain this to our children in a way they can understand and relate to, so that they develop empathy, but don't get overwhelmed in the process? Here's a wonderful tool as Mary Williams relates the story of a young b oy who goes off to tend the cattle one day, and while he's at his task, bullets rain from the sky and destroy his village. The same fate falls to thousands of other boys, and they organize themselves into groups of 35, choose group leaders and begin the long challenging march to Ethiopia. The trek is filled with danger, starvation, thirst and despair, but in the end, they find their way through Ethiopia and on to Kenya. Many are still journeying to find their final home. Can we help? This book won the Corretta Scott King Illustrator Honor Award.

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